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What qualities can you expect from your coach? Integrity, professionalism and above all, kindness. Our coaches Emma and Steve bring a unique set of life experiences to their coaching approach. When you get in touch to arrange a session, we'll carefully consider who is best placed to support you along your personal journey.

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Emma & Steve

As co-directors and life partners, Emma and Steve work in close collaboration to produce powerful coaching programmes, eCourses and self-care books to help people step into their success. Get to know them both a little more.

Emma, Coach

Emma brings a lifetime of experience to her coaching practice, including many years in Human Resources, childbirth education and business leadership.

A mother of three grown-up children and wife to Steve, Emma has written several books about pregnancy, parenting and wellbeing.

Emma's clients are motivated people who are ready to make a positive change in their life, work and business. She provides a sense of calm and positivity, inspiring clients to quickly find clarity and solutions.

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Steve, Coach

Before becoming a coach in 2017, Steve worked as a high-performing business leader in the energy and manufacturing sectors, for which he received an Inspiring Leader Award.

He brings an optimistic mindset and a sense of humour to his coaching, instilling clients with positivity and confidence.

Steve believes in the value of personal accountability and the power to achieve great things with dedication and a clear sense of direction. Steve's clients are committed and open-minded people who are passionate about learning and improving.

Our Offer

Write Your Own Story

The stories we tell ourselves are powerful. Some can hold us back, some can motivate us and some can heal us.

Many of us are so used to telling the same old stories about ourselves that we believe our reality is fixed. But that's not the case: we can write our own stories and change our futures.

We put people back in charge of their stories, with exciting results.

Our Ethos


We hold ourselves accountable, we live up to our promises and we own our faults. When we make a promise we follow through because integrity is evidenced over time. We do what we say we are going to do, even when no one is looking.


To us, kindness means giving more than we take. We are wholly present with our clients, giving generously of our time and attention. Our goal is to build strong relationships so that we can support our clients as they navigate their life.

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Coaching depends on being able to form strong and trusting connections. That's as important for us as it is for you.

If you'd like to learn more about Good Stuff Coaching, please get in touch with us to arrange a discovery call.

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