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Why We Coach

We founded Good Stuff Coaching because we knew we could make a real difference to people's lives. Coaching is not just about setting goals and achieving results; it's about challenging perceptions of what's possible, and redefining what success could look like for you.

Our aim is to help people create their best lives, regardless of the challenges they face. You could be a CEO struggling with the pressures of leadership, a sportsperson transitioning to a new career or an expectant mother balancing work and pregnancy - we'll provide you with the same level of care and support.

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Who we help

We work with clients who are motivated to effect change in their lives. You don't need to come to us with a fully formed goal, but you will need an open-mindedness, a sense of curiosity and a willingness to explore new ways of thinking.

Our clients come to us from all walks of life; many are in leadership roles, running their own business or going through a transitional phase in life, such as new parenthood.

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What we do

We deliver 1:1 and group coaching sessions. Our programmes are tailored to the individual client, their goals and their preferences.

When you work with us, we’ll get to know you to understand what kind of coaching would work best for you. Together, you'll explore what success looks like, and the barriers currently preventing you from achieving it.

While we create unique session schedules for each of our clients, typical programmes last roughly six months with meetings taking place every two weeks either in-person or online.

What we believe

We believe that every person is complete, but no one is a finished product. Most need help to truly step into their success and discover the power they hold inside of them.

We feel that through kindness and integrity, we can help our clients to navigate their lives, find quick routes to success and achieve a greater level of contentment.

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